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My name is Dr. Berry Pierre, but I go by “Dr. Berry”. I am a board certified Internal Medicine Physician. After years of intensive work with my patients, I have decided to start my own blog, focusing on medical healthcare and public health topics. My main goal is to leverage my professional knowledge and expertise to improve the wellness and quality of life people for who want to live a healthier and longer life.

By using interesting and sometimes fascinating personal stories, I reach out to people's minds and hearts to offer essential information, advice and guidance. In addition to the articles I started my “Lunch and Learn” series where I host a weekly live video streams for my YouTube & Facebook pages as well as a highly-popular weekly podcast show Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry.

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If you're visiting my website it means that you are one of the many responsible people who strive to get control over their own and their families' health. You'll soon realize that you've come to the right place! Take your time to browse the many useful and practical blog posts I've published, watch the videos and listen to my podcasts.

If you are a health professional you'll find valuable information on how to use social media and blogging for reducing the frustrating overload of long working hours to spend more quality time with your family.

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