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 Very happy to finally have a doctor who takes his time and listens to his patient. I feel very comfortable with him and his advice. After a long search I feel I finally have a doctor who cares about his patients.
I know Dr Pierre to be a very caring physician and I trust him for health advice!

Love my doctor. He always listens to your concern and tells you what he thinks is best rather than just walk in assume he knows. Very humble yet very skilled. All my lab works are great and he works to get you healthy and living rather than medicated
Dr. Pierre is a kind, caring doctor who takes his time and listens to his patient. He also takes the time to make sure his patient understands his treatment options and agrees with courses of treatment. After a long search, I am happy to have found Dr. Pierre. 
 He is a wonderful doctor who takes the time to listen to you.

Dr. Pierre is amazing and attentive. He takes the time and listens to how you're feeling, I never feel rushed and very grateful I have him as my pcp.
Dr. Pierre was very attentive, and caring towards my needs. He sat down and actually LISTENED to what I had to day! He was not in a rush, he spent time to understand my problems, and he also did a physical examination! He developed a treatment plan, and ASKED me what course of action I would like to take! What a great experience! My husband, and my son will be going to see Dr. Pierre soon. I would highly recommend Dr. Pierre, he is a great doctor!
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