An undecided student..

By the end of your third year in med school you're "supposed" to be wrapped up on your decision on what you wanted to do for the rest of your life. Fortunately for me I knew after my first month what I wanted to do but I can understand just why you still may remain undecided. Unless you had a mentor or dream speciality growing up you can really come out of third year liking multiple different specialities. The timeline for medical school doesn't help either because many of your classmates have already applied for electives months ago but I have talked to students who choices who were so content with doing multiple specialities that it was their final decision would come down to a coin flip. The strangest combination I have seen is someone deciding between family practice, & radiology. I think the best advice for these students is to relax. Many of our the fears we face in medical school is that we are the only ones dealing with certain problems. Trust me you aren't the first & will not be the last. Remember this isn't a decision you want to take lightly because you don't want to be THAT resident who hates life & brings down everyones spirit around you.

 Medicine is such a fun field & I think it sucks that you really have like 9 months to decide to be in the "norm".


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