The night before..

A few years ago (2/13/11 to be exact) I sat up in my room knowing that the next 24hrs would drastically change my life. It was the day before match and all I could think of was did I make the right choice in choosing to go the osteopathic route instead of the allopathic match. I didn’t sleep a wink & my motivation to go to the clinic was zero. I’m sure many 4th yr students are in the same boat & I just wish them the best today.


  1. So what do you think now about your decision in opting for alternative healing method? I think lots of alternative healing methodologies have evolved, lots of them through the traditional wisdom of our ancestors and others like Homeopathy by some brilliant innovators.

    I do not know much about osteopathy, I guess it has to do some thing with body healing on its own but how this is accomplished, through some specialized medicines or some other procedure?

  2. I am a personal fan of the philosophy behind osteopathic medicine. During our training as students we are taught to be a more hands on approach & because of the physical contact during exams & treatments we tend to have a better relationship with our patients. For the most part during residency there isn't much difference unless you specifically go into a rotations dealing strictly with manipulation or even residencies that focus on neuromuscular medicine.