Review: Infectious Disease Month

Just finished my consultant month in Infectious Disease(ID) & it was great to get away from the wards for a bit. Plenty of interesting cases including cryptococcal meningitis & a post influenza staph pneumonia which resulted in severe rhabdomyolysis(Both cases will be future case presentations). Being in the hospital setting you form a mental picture of what HIV patients look like because we tend to see the noncompliant ones but seeing them in the office setting helped me truly appreciate that HIV is becoming a chronic disorder & no longer a death sentence as it used to be. Had one patient even joke that it was easier to be an HIV patient than a diabetic because she hated the needles. I enjoyed the month, loved the outpatient aspect of it & the fact that you don’t get called in the middle of the night for STAT consults. Definitely in the discussion for possible fellowships.

This month Ill be doing Gastroenterology(GI), wish me luck because long hours are ahead of me.  

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