Change is necessary

“The key to change... is to let go of fear.”

Later on today the rest of my future colleagues will finally know where they will be spending the next few years of their life in regards to residency. I have about three & a half months left to go till intern year is over so I wanted to pass on one of many words of advice to the incoming interns. I think the biggest transition that I had to learn as the title alludes to is that as you make the progression from 4th year medical student to Physician, you have to learn how to deal with the upcoming changes in your professional, personal & spiritual life and how your everyday decisions will play a huge role in how things turn out.

Your responsibility, dedication, & commitment  to this profession will not only be pushed to a limit that you never thought it would go but when life is added on top of it all, how you respond and adapt to this new situation that you signed up for will be greater than any anatomy or physiology test you’ve encountered. With all that being said you still have to understand what you can & most importantly what you can’t change about yourself for your progression to occur.

Personally I have never been one who was able to sit around and just go with the flow especially if I didn’t feel that I had any say in the matter. On the one hand its probably the reason why I not only pursued this career in medicine but also held various leadership roles in the greatest student organization (SNMA) , my fraternity, & in various medical societies since I was a first year medical student. But on the other hand in the company of those who aren’t used to being around people who are gung-ho about taking on the world it could be view as too ambitious, & borderline crazy which can not only lead to contempt but even underlying envy. As an intern take ownership of every action you take and understand that not taking any action can be just as detrimental. Doing things because that is how its always been done should never be a reason why you do it. In this day and age “Status Qou” is no longer an option. Right now the enjoy your final moments as student doctor because big changes are coming whether you are ready for it or not ,& if you aren’t than you will be left behind by those who are.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos”

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